What is your damage, Heather?
'It's immortality, my darlings.'

Hey! I'm Mike, 20 and openly gay! :)
I am obsessed with Pretty Little Liars and reading!
I reblog a lot of Teen Wolf, PLL, Heathers and book related posts and so much more!
Hope ya'll enjoy my blog! :)
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    my favorite line from heathers

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  • Is that kuzco?

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  • What if you had sex by sliding the D into a person’s ear and it just magically fit….
    Talk about an eargasm, amIriiiight!?

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    I started re-reading a book I haven’t read in forever.

    It was like coming home.

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  • This song keeps coming on my #HeathersTheMusical station on Pandora and I have no clue what it’s from and I’ve never heard of the musical before but I am obsessed with this song!

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    Gotta save boo

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    Put a character in my ask

    from ANY series you know I’ve read

    and I’ll try to find a song in my music that I think goes with them

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  • somewhereno-oneknows:

    shes clearly smoking some stronger shit if her fucking dog is talking to her

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    Being the leader in a group project



    Omg I am laughing so hard!

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